Eucalyputis melliodora 4.jpg


Botanical Name: Eucalyptus melliodora


Common Name: Yellow Box


Evergreen/Deciduous: Evergreen

Mature Size: This tree can grow up to a whopping 15m tall! It’s canopy grows as wide as 10 metres – that’s the length of half a tennis court!


Number of these trees planted by Sevron this season: 836 melliodora’s planted, beating last years total of 696.

Description: Medium sized to occasionally tall tree with an open canopy and blue-green foliage. White flowers in summer. Rough brown bark at the base and smooth upper branches.

Uses: A great shade tree and for street plantings. Bird attracting and one of the best honey producers. Ideal for parks and larger properties.

Position & Soil: Full sun to part shade in well drained soils. Adaptable to a range of soil types.

Council Areas: Due to its versatility we have planted thousands of Yellow Box through the years throughout all of our Council areas, most recently throughout Dandenong, Darebin, Hobsons Bay, Hume, Kingston, Monash, Moonee Valley, Whitehorse, Yarra and Yarra Ranges.

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