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SEVRON's success and growth has been is attributed to the team members that work together to provide clients with the necessary service levels to meet the community expectations.   

SEVRON operates across a broad and diverse range of client facilities and provide multiple services.  This combined with the vast differing cultural  backgrounds of our team members adds and enhances the diversity of our business.

Our people align themselves to our core values of personal safety, leadership, care and empathy, customer service, diversity inclusion and equality.

Sevron is a medium size business which employs approximately 50+ full time employees and additional labour hire support during our busiest times.   


As business we always endeavour to support not only local businesses but also their people.  We aim to recruit locally with opportunities provided to the community with equal opportunity for all applicants.


The Sevron team takes pride not only work we do but also in team with regular initiatives to recognise the effort of our team and their contribution to Sevron's success.  

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